Finding an idea, I penetrate the structure and color,
creating a kind of rudimentarism, a sensual vision concept
that inspires the imagination, soul and thoughts.

My paintings take the viewer into the enchanted world
of colors and shapes, stimulating them
to discover new areas, hidden recesses of self.

Abstraction is a kind of subjective psychoanalysis
of the inner vision and its interpretation, creating
a kind of prophetic vivisection of thoughts.
When you look at the whole, you see chaos,
when you look at the point you see the content.

I like when images say more than what you see in them.
– Bartuello

„In an abstract painting one cannot completely break away
from the object allusions, because there is no such an abstract
form that would not resemble some shape taken from
the world of objects” (Introduction to Władysław Strzemiński
Theory of Seeing – Iwona Luba).

„I shut my eyes in order to see” – Paul Gauguin.

„Dependency kills creativity, creativity plays with the unknown.
There are no strategies that can close the infinite realm of new.
Only trust in yourself can take you beyond your fears
and what is already known.”
– Polly Anna 1983

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I send my paintings also abroad.